Tessilfibre s.p.a. was founded in 1957. Today it represents the most important European company in the processing and trade of acrylic fibers.

Tessilfibre features an Acrylic Tow to Tops transformer plant of 12 tears Seydel and 12 RSN Rebreaker.

Located near Prato, thanks to its 35,000 square meters of warehouses, it manages to store and move large quantities of goods quickly and efficiently. The company’s goal is to increasingly strengthen the cooperative bond with suppliers and customers, in order to use the best products in the supply chain.


Tessilfibre has a wide range of raw materials and yarns, of high quality and available very quickly.


Social commitment, care for the environment and ethical behavior have been Tessilfibre’s core values for years.

Energy efficiency and eco-sustainable development, through the use of renewable energies, were the first challenges faced by the company to improve our commitment to respecting the environment.

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